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    BC Timber Sale Tracking System Highlights     17
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  • A Competitive Edge Bidding and Tracking Tool
  • Spatial positioning of sales with easy reference data windows
  • Daily Updates of New Sales and Bid Results
  • Bid Research Tool for areas historical production & pricing
  • List of Bidders on each Sale with Bid Amounts
  • Bidders History and position and amount on each sale
  • Archived Timber Sale Prices, Cruise and Maps
  • Database of Timber Sales dating back to year 2000
  • Extensive Sale Search and Sorting Capabilities
  • Timber Sale and Bidder Search Tools
  • Monthly Weight Scaling/ Off Grades/ Ratios/ Stratum Owners
  • Scale return summaries of volumes from each sale
  • Long. Lat. positions, access maps, terrain maps, legal maps
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Used by BCs most Successful Log Buyers and Contractors.
Replaces in-house tracking system with a robust database.
Contractors & Buyers compare notes, follow prices and trends with WoodX.
"A must have tool for competitive bidding and sale tracking"

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